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Messed up

Posted by Ange on January 19, 2010

Hi Guys,

I have messed up the webby with my itchy fingers in exploring different themes. PLease bear with it for a while or so as I need time to clean it up.

Till then we meet. 😦



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Finally Done

Posted by Ange on January 16, 2010

Well well as you can see I am finally done with the header of my blog all thank to Margaret. I wrote to her sometime back in October last year and oh my….. you can’t see how prompt is she in her reply. Even though there were certain parts she can’t remember really well , her instructions were still fairly clear cut and I could find the things I want rather easily. I did it with much ease in a single night with one of my episode of ongoing insomnia.

However this ‘project was one that I had put of for quite some time already till last night.

The design took me a few days to source for and I did quite a few such as the below samples till you see what there is on my final header right now.

sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

I thought the final one was a good choice as I have always like things that are a little behind time, a little ancient. Looking at the title of mine blog- The Chronicles of Just “A Woman”, I thought this is perfect! Mine is a chronicle hence my impression is that it should not be too girlish. It has a picture of a woman in the center of the design and that is exactly what I am looking for.

Charismatic woman are after all always the center of the attraction,  and more often than not, surrounded by men who can’t get enough off their intelligence and wit; and always yearning to protect the woman.  That is the power of woman which is still going on today in our society.

The side bar images are not really clearly visible to the eyes. It has little  or perhaps even no relation to being a woman. It is just my feeling towards it. Looking at the 2 angels side by side, the first thought that comes to my mind is my 2 boys, Clemens and Damir.

A Clearer Image of the Widget Image

A Clearer Side Image

And the last tiny ones is a little design which I crop out from the header to give it a balance

When it is piece up side by side, this is what you will get:

Anyway I shan’t go on and on about this stuff anymore as most probably most of you will be laughing at me for being so backward in this IT age now.

Most of all, my greatest heart felt thanks to Margaret for making it so easy for me. 🙂


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Back to Work

Posted by Ange on January 15, 2010

Hope I can Keep Organised for Long

I am finally back at work this Monday after rotting away at home since Christmas. Well there is a mix feeling about it. I miss my boys terribly when I am at work for the first 3-days and yet I realized I also miss the days when I can dress nicely and go off to work. It is like a sudden change- free of kids, back on the trend and there are collegues to chat with me in adult language instead of toddler’s gibberish. It was just like a total 180 degree change. I guess I enjoy the best of the both worlds. What a contradicting person I am ain’t I?

Well I guess there are pros and cons but yet I have to admit that I miss the boys a little more. However staying here means that both parents have to work to accommodate the high standard of living in Singapore .

Anyway my new year resolution after some reflections for the New Year 2010 is to:

  • Keep my desk organized,
  • Stay focus,
  • Humbly do my work, and
  • Develop a good working relationship with people around me.

I guess I am doing quite well since I came back but I am crossing my fingers that I will last with all the ‘heticness’ rushing upon the the shore again .

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Fishy Fishy Obsession… …

Posted by Ange on January 13, 2010

I guess by now, you will have known that I am a very typical woman who loves my shoes, bags and shopping. However I seldom post out shopping entries as I usually buy lots of stuffs which you might not be interested in.

Anyway this I must share. This is one of my latest buy from Stile. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love the pinkish-grey scales which kinds of shimmer and glimmer whichever angle you look at it. I also love the workmanship of this shoes where it is wrapped all the way down to the heels and most importantly the comfort of it. All in all I just simply adore it and find it gorgeous.

Initially I thought it is just fish skin patent texture like my previous snake skin wedges till I read it in a magazine featuring Stile. It was there and then that I realized that it is made up of real parrot fish skin (It has been assured that the fish is not a near extinct fish).

I was at first freak out because it is my 1st time hearing that shoes can be made from fish skin. I also started to imagine having fish on my feet and the fishy smell that will start emitting from it. Yikes….. but none of these happen and at the end of day, I still can’t resist the beauty of it.

I have to also share that both my boys adore it too as they have linked it to one their favourite character:


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Birthday Celebration with Family

Posted by Ange on January 9, 2010

Celebrating At Home

I believe this is the last post on Damir’s 3rd Birthday. Since he celebrated a day earlier in school with his friends, we bought him a simpler cake to celebrate with us at home today. It is just a simple hush affair but yet sweet :). Brought him for a pizza lunch at The Wine Company where he truly enjoyed himself. I guess it is not only him, I seriously love the pizzas there too.

Anyway I think kids these days are really lucky but if I were to recall myself as a kid, my parents really love me very much too :).

Well after this, I am thinking what should do for Clemens this year…

*Damir’s Birthday Photos can be viewed here.


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